Muay Thai for Learning

Muay Thai for Learning

Intensive training of Muay Thai focusing on martial art aspect

Suitable for those who want an intensive training, tone up your body and muscle on specific parts of the body, or want to learn the art and deliberate details of Muay Thai up to becoming professional Thai boxer.

You will be taught from the beginning from warming up, wrapping your knuckles, punching, kicking, to cooling down. You will also learn the purpose of each boxing technique and their muscle movement for toning your body. Including training with a legendary trainer.


Training 1 session per day

Daily Package 500 Bath
Weekly Package 2,990 Bath
Monthly Package 9,900 Bath


Training 2 sessions per day

Daily Package 1,000 Bath
Weekly Package 5,000 Bath
Monthly Package 16,500 Bath



Session            800 Bath 

No basic required

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