The secret of Muay Thai, a legendary martial art. It all came from its history.

For those who would like to know the story of Muay Thai or Thai boxing, Luk Klong Tun is going to take you back to see, before it became such a legendary martial art which are now well-known all over the world, how it all started.

Hundreds years ago, Thai boxing was not just a sport or an exercise like it looks like today. It was a martial art for war, which means it aimed to kill. This was because, back in Ayutthaya era which was about 600 years ago, there were wars so often between Thai and other realms, especially Myanmar or Burma at that time. As you might have guessed, there were no guns for distant fighting. Soldiers used swords which worked only in a close proximity. Warriors needed to find ways to fight and finish the enemies in a close combat as well as bare hand fighting in case they lost their swords. So, Muay Thai was born, the art of bare hand fighting using only parts of body as weapons.

As time went by, Muay Thai became popular. It was said that there was one king who loved and was really good at it. Dressing up like a villager, he went into town to challenge villagers and won the fight. It was Phra Chao Suea or King Suriyenthrathibodi.

Another legend of Muay Thai was when Ayutthaya lost to Burma, Burmese herded some Thai people back to Burma as prisoners of war. One of them was a talented and well-known Muay Thai trainer, named Kahnom Tom. When the Burmese king arranged a duel between Burmese soldiers and prisoners, this Thai prisoner won 10 times in a role. This event, the Burmese king had said that Thai people, even bare-handed, equipped with such a terrifying weapon which was Muay Thai.

Nowadays, Muay Thai is not for war anymore. It has been developed for sport with boxing gloves, rules and gyms. It becomes a popular workout among young people, especially women. Yes, it really is! Muay Thai is very popular among women, probably because it tones up their body very well and it is a real Thai martial art that every Thais are proud of.

Not only that, Muay Thai has also become very popular in other countries around the world. Foreigners from different countries come to Thailand to train with Luk Klong Tan gym. They travel far to learn the secret of Muay Thai, the secret of what makes it a world-famous frightening martial art.

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